Burhan and Mehmet Dinçerler brothers started to work as workers in the Baklava sector on 1968. Brothers learnt all details of the job and decided that the sector should get rid of classic baklava production notions and establish their own business. They established their first 20m2 store at Şirinevler under leading of their father Vahab Dinçerler. They give the name of their beloved grandfather to the store and carry until today “Hacı Sayid”.


During first years of their activity, baklava production was dominant; but they did not forget their reason for foundation and increase variation of tastes they present day-by-day. Their aim as new generation producers of the baklava sector is to create a brand harmonizing traditions with modernity. Young brothers produced brand new ideas in their sector and made new attempts.

Thanks to their high quality service understanding, unsurpassed tastes and close customer proximity, they succeed in becoming a well-known brand in a short period of time. They reach 43 stores with a wide range of products ranging from baklava to chocolate, sweet varieties to food menus, pastry varieties to freezing, and a modern cafeteria, and they have a widespread number of branches in Istanbul. 20 m2 of area with love and careful way out of the road, since 2013 15 000 m2 new production sites are continuing. The high quality standards that HACI SAYID has been implementing since the day it was founded, the hygienic production principles, the development of product diversity and the importance it attaches to the elementary education are the visible reasons for their success today.

HACI SAYID's working principles are initially providing the environment that will create the love, respect, equality, trust, understanding and solidarity among all employees. According to HACI SAYID, success is not individual. He believes in the importance of teamwork and in the spirit of teamwork, that this spirit will benefit institutional development. Success comes with solidarity, honesty, respect. Those ideas made HACI SAYID a huge family.