We are developing ourselves day-by-day with our innovative vision; we grow with our business partners, our employees, our suppliers and, of course, our investments. Since 1968, Hacı Sayid has developed a novelty by developing a store concept in which baklava, pastry and cafeteria are together in a way that goes beyond the definition of classical baklava in Turkey. Haci Sayid, who has gained a solid management structure with his interest in recent years and has established a solid infrastructure in this direction, has now opened its doors to operators to operate with the "franchising" system.
Haci Sayid, with its years of production, sales and business experience, is ready to share his experiences and profitable business opportunities with investors and is planning to invest only in Istanbul and its immediate surroundings for the first year. Haci Sayid, having 43 stores and hundreds of employees in Istanbul, which are entirely self-operated, plans to reach 100 stores in 2 years with franchises besides his own stores.

Franchise System Overview

It is a long-term and continuing process of giving a concession right to the second party to conduct commercial business, providing the right of the concessionaire of a product or service to provide information and support for the management and organization of the business for a certain period of time, Business relations. The franchisor and the franchisee are named differently, according to their authority and the work they undertake, even if they simply seem to be two sides.
Franchisor, Franchiser: The person or organization that owns the rights of the system and the mark and who makes these rights available to investors through a franchise agreement.
It is an independent investor who applies the franchisee system and the mark for the sale-service point and / or territory by agreement.
Royalty, Lump Sum Fee: The amount paid by the Franchisee at the beginning to the Franchisor to enter into the system.
Franchise Fee: In most systems, the franchisee is obliged to pay a franchise fee for using the system and the brand during operation. 
Advertising Fee: In most systems, a fund is set up for centralized advertising spending and contribution fee is collected from businesses.

Why you should buy a Franchise?

It is a real advantage for investors to use the techniques and procedures of the operating system together with a previously proven, proven and well-known brand. Participating in the Haci Sayid franchise system gives you some benefits.
  • National or international standards and quality are gathered together with the brand.
  • Recognized brands provide continuous customer and business opportunities.
  • The franchisor provides training services and expert staff support to the Franchisee.
  • Techniques of the franchisor are used for finding, hiring and raising qualified personnel.
  • With the support provided in financial, commercial and personnel matters, technical functions are given more importance and chance of success is increased.
  • In common with the franchisor, risks and business problems that small businesses face are minimized.
  • Franchisor’s financial and legal counsellors are benefited.
  • The Franchisor's continuous research and development efforts are utilized.
  • It is possible to use scientific techniques in the establishment stage of the enterprise and in the selection of the establishment site.
  • Financial support is provided by leasing, etc. sources at foundation stage. Savings acquired in advertisement and promotion costs. Franchising system eliminates loneliness of the entrepreneur and reduces risks for establishing one’s own business. Payments made to the Franchisor is less than total amounts of errors to be made for an unproven business.
  • Standard management, accounting, sales and stock functions are available for businesses.
  • Years of store experience,
  • Availability in every point of production,
  • Having proved its profitability with 42 stores,
  • Success in management and personnel management,
  • The food and beverage industry has not grown steadily,
  • Fresh, high quality, healthy and delicious product,
  • Quality service and service,
  • High hygiene standard
  • Grants given;
  • Education (continuous)
  • Human Resources (Personnel support)
  • Information and consultation service
  • General and local marketing support
  • Provision of goods and service standard
  • Continuous updating of equipment and products (R&D)
  • Territory protection system
  • Choosing the right location & feasibility study
  • Architectural Support
  • Operational profitability and operational support
  • Manual
  • Property & Entrepreneur Properties

    Real estate must be an entry. The indoor area must be at least 200 m² and the open area at least 50 m². Front façade width; Minimum 8 m, ceiling height for each floor should be minimum 2.90 m. For stores located in shopping malls and business centers, 150 m² is enough for indoor area including tanks.
  • Being located on a street (Main arteries where pedestrian and vehicle traffic is appropriate)
  • Being on the walk area
  • The ease of parking
  • Having a garden or outdoor area
  • The prerequisite for the dealership in Haci Sayid is that the investor should have the time and energy to do this job. Having financial capability and opportunities for investment; It is a necessity to be an investor. The trust and commitment of our investors that we see as a part of our family is an indispensable element for us.
  • Hacı Sayid; prefers its investors to devote a large part of their time to this business, to design strategies that will magnify business, and to fulfil the requirements of the trademark.
  • Entrepreneurship and passion for success and having a successful business background and adequate financial means to invest in Haci Sayid are required.
  • It is important for Hacı Sayid not to deal another business in the same sector.