Franchise İşleyiş Süreci

You can wither fill out the Franchise Pre-Application form on our website online or contact the franchisee department at 0 212 652 34 75.
2Application Evaluation
Preliminary interviews and evaluations are made on the phone with the investor candidate within 2 days at the latest after the application form is received by us. The date of appointment is determined for applicants whose evaluation is positive.
3Appointment and Meeting
In the first appointment, an investor candidate presentation file is delivered and brief information is given about our franchise conditions and how we operate. The investor candidate form is filled in. Candidate recognition and information about the region where the investment is planned are obtained.
4Location and Real Estate Assessment
If there is a region in which the investor candidate wants to invest, it is assessed whether or not the region is within the plans of Hacı Sayid to open a store. If the region is convenient, detailed information about our property criteria is shared with the investor candidate and the property is assessed.
5Feasibility Study and Presentation
Feasibility study is initiated for real estate and locations with positive assessments.T he feasibility study lasts 1 week and covers many topics ranging from investment costs to estimated sales figures. The suitability of the living habits of the locality to the concept of Hacı Sayid is analyzed.
If feasibility report details are negative, they are not shared with the investor candidate. Only reasons causing negative status are given. If the feasibility report is positive, all the details are shared with the investor candidate. The process of joining the investor's Hacı Sayid family is initiated. At this stage a goodwill contract is signed.
6Hacı Sayid Family 
Following the good will agreement, a factory, head office and store visit program is prepared. Detailed information about the operations of the store operation and other units is practically given.
7Real Estate Leasing
Lease Agreement of the real estate found suitable is signed by the investor. Hacı Sayid Law Department provides support regarding clauses of the agreement at that stage.
Real Estate lease agreement must be for at least 5 years and more.
8Signing the Franchise Agreement
Required document list for signing the agreement is given to the investor and requested to be completed.
Hacı Sayid franchise participation fee is collected. 5 years franchise agreement is signed.
9Relievo, Project Drawing and Pricing
Our architectural team prepares the optimum solution for you. It performs an in-depth analysis of the location where the project is located and identifies with great care the data needed during the project planning phase. The settlement plan is drawn and approved by the management within 1 week after the receipt of Relievo. The project details are completed within an average of 15 days. All these works are carried out only by the architectural department of Haci Sayid.
Hacı Sayid established required departments for all stages due to implementing the turn-key delivery store system.
Architectural project is separately priced under titles of decoration, equipment, construction and official expenses. A payment plan is presented. The construction process begins after the submitted payment plan is approved by the investor. The completion period of the project is between 40 and 50 days on average.
10Training and Personnel
It is very difficult for businesses that do not care about education to increase their success and efficiency, or to survive in a highly competitive environment. It has proved the success of Haci Sayid's training system in order to ensure that the staff is able to change their skills, knowledge and attitudes in a systematic way positively and to be more successful in their current and future jobs.
Personnel needs are defined by authorized regional directors. The necessary department and the necessary personnel recruitment are carried out by the Human Resources Department. Some of the trainings which are separated as investor, manager, kitchen, counter, service, cashier and other units are given by the education unit in the general directorate. Applied trainings are maintained at the stores by the ongoing supervision of the training staff. The staff is trained for at least 20 days before the store is opened. The training process is continued by the regional managers after the store is opened.
Training is a never ending issue for Hacı Sayid whose continuity is always at the forefront.
11Advertisement and Marketing Activities
Your marketing preferences should be correct for acquiring correct results. Although everybody has a different idea about how to sell a product today, when we look at the results obtained, we are happy with the sales figures, and the vast majority complain about sales. You can make hundreds of different marketing plans. But it takes expertise to decide which marketing plan will give you the best result.
Marketing activities to be performed on or after the opening are defined and required designs are prepared. Hacı Sayid production department prepares required promotion products for opening. Opening dates are defined and suitable announcement works are performed.
12Store Opening
After receiving the store opening confirmation, which is controlled by the opening regional managers, products are sent.
All processes should be completed for issues such as architecture, equipment, personnel for the opening approval. Opening is performed with individual attendance of regional directors, training and operation team and administration.