Your questions about Franchising

Franchising Hakkında Merak Edilenler

1Is Franchising a successful system?
According to the information received from UFRAD; looking at 6-year statistics, 62% of small businesses are closed. In franchise businesses, 3% closure and 14% handover were observed. 10% of the franchise areas opened the second operation and 6% opened the third operation.
2What is Franchise royalty fee? What do I receive against this fee?
Franchise royalty fee entitles you to have activities under name and brand of Hacı Sayid.It provides advantages in many issues such as acquiring information not available in any other business, being the only store in a certain territory, using registered name and logo, business management, sales, decoration and equipment selection against the franchise right.
3Do I need experience for this business?
Haci Sayid will provide you and your team with all kinds of training that will enable you to become an expert in this sector.
4How do you define territories?
The densities and habits of the franchisee are given regional protection within the contract according to the feasibility of the locations investigated.
5Does the franchise fee vary between territories?
No. However, operating costs may vary according to the physical structure, size and staffing requirements.
6Does any invoice issued upon depositing the franchise fee?
Yes. VAT is not included in prices.
7Does Hacı Sayid make tangible contribution to the investment?
No. However, as a result of negotiations with the banks regarding investment financing, it is generally possible to have longer maturities and lower rates than the alternatives of the financing that the investor alone can find.
8How much can I earn?
Estimated sales and profitability reports are prepared at pre-contract real estate and location feasibilities. But like any commercial enterprise, Your business management, your performance and the team you work on affect your profitability.
9Does the Franchising agreement have any term?
The validity of the contract is at least 5 years. There is no franchise fee in the following years. Only service and support costs will apply.
10Can I sell or transfer my Franchise right?
Yes. Once we have confirmed it, all licenses may be sold or transferred, whether in working condition or not. However, the transferring investor must pass all of the evaluation steps you have passed, sign a new contract and comply with the terms of the agreement.